Long Code

How It Functions

Shared Long Codes deals with Keyword, keyword is a distinct word which is designated to the long code number, when you or your consumers send out an SMS from any mobile with a particular keyword provided by you, they will certainly get an automatic reply which is set by you. In addition to automatic reply, by allowing URL forwarding you can personalize the reply and details's likewise can be fetched from your remote database too based upon the Keyword & Sub keywords. URL Forwarding deals with GET & POST technique.

Long Code Numbers (SIM Hosting)

Long code numbers are 10 digits regular GSM Numbers and the inbound messages are processing through Regular SIM Card.
You have to acquire GSM SIM Card from any operator and offer the very same to us for hosting.

Our SIM Hosting Data Center Particulars

Our SIM Hosting Data Center is located at our Business Workplace with state of art centers.

GSM Modem Specification
Siemens Based Chip Set
64 Port GSM Modules
Ports can be extended upto ā€œnā€ numbers
Modems connected with high end Servers

Failsafe Power Supply
3 Phase AC Power with auto switching
2.5 KV Separate UPS Back Up

2 Mbps Leased Line from TATA
Airtel 3G Back Up Connection

In house developed Software
Intelligent Queue Management
Auto Start Up (in case of failures)
Port Swapping
Supports Unlimited Ports.


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