Longcode API

Longcode API

Cyrus Recharge provides services that are simple to learn and user-friendly API for sending and receiving text messages using long codes or shortcodes. We supply developers with a simple REST interface based on the GSM Association operators in 200+ countries.

It is possible to get leads generation and you can view them in our on-line code panel that is long. SMS Long code service is used for lead generation or getting responses.

A Long Code amount is a standard 10 digit telephone number (virtual number) which can be employed to get text SMS messages. It is reevaluating client interaction a digital telephone number utilized by businesses and startup businesses to boost their earnings and attain more of their potential clients anytime, anyplace.


It is a 2-way communication system which allows both receiving and sending of information across the clients and the business. Code support that is long is the perfect tool for running a promotional campaign that is large.

Together with our code service that is long, you can choose between shared or long code services and get API integration.

Code is known as the number, it's used by businesses to receive SMS messages and voice calls. SMS Long code service is primarily used for the generation or receiving responses from the consumers. Long Code numbers allow businesses to get their own variety, rather than. Every company which wishes to avail this support will be offered with a Keyword (Keyword is an exceptional id of a company on our shared Long code.

E.g. if, the business name is XYZ Ltd and you took a keyword to say XYZL on our extended code then each message which starts with AXYZL along with a blank area will be forwarded to your panel. In short Crowdfinch bots recognize the incoming messages on the basis of your business keywords and forward it to the various businesses account).