Aadhar Verification API

Aadhar Verification API

The Aadhaar platform is an initiative by the Government of India allowing private entities to manage the Aadhaar data stored by UIDAI in CIDR (Central Identities Data Repository) databases.

We provide various third parties API or even VPN integration for real time data usage. An application programming interface (API) is a messenger which processes requests and guarantees seamless functioning of enterprise systems. API allows interaction between information, applications and devices. It provides data and facilitates connectivity between devices and apps. API is an internet programming interface of the organization. It allows programs to communicate with back end systems. An application programming interface produces a channel for the company to market its services and products online. API allows access of services by adding codes to software. It further enhances and bolsters. APIs ensure a seamless communication between various applications.


Aadhaar authentication provides several ways in which a resident may authenticate themselves using the machine. In a high level, authentication may be 'Demographic Authentication' and/or 'Biometric Authentication'. Throughout the authentication trade, the resident's record is selected using the Aadhaar Number and the demographic/biometric inputs are matched against the stored information which was provided by the resident through enrolment/update process.

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