Bank Account Opening API

Bank Account Opening API

The digital application procedure enables new customers to start an account easily and conveniently. Our solution can be utilised in mobile devices and computers in the home. In only a few steps, the clients are guided through the process that leads to their new account that's now available. The application procedure can be conveniently combined with fino options such as the account switching support. This enables client on-boarding that is even better.

Up to now, it had been necessary for customers to download a form and send it in printed form with signature into the bank where they wanted to open an account. The form was then employed by an employee who moved the information to the banking system so the account was opened. With our procedure, this process was simplified but also made more effective.

No Payments Bank's platform allows access through mobile and desktop devices resulting in low or no investment. We provide attractive commission on each trade helping you in getting an extra source of revenue and an increase in footfalls in your institution. No Payments Bank permits you the chance to have higher income without heavy investments along with earning the respect of being the neighborhood banker.

An additional value of our solution

  • Significant time saving due to digital conversion.
  • Convenient service in the subsidiary, from your home or en route.
  • Faster and more convenient customer on-boarding.
  • The account is available immediately.

Key Benefits:

  • Attractive commission on every trade
  • Single account reimbursement that helps you enjoy the advantage of all banking payments and transactions in a single account
  • The status which you earn as a banker

What can you do:

  • National Currency Transfers
  • International Money Transfer
  • Account Opening is it Savings or Current Account
  • Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AEPS)
  • Money at Point of Sale(POS)
  • Bill Payments
  • Cash Management Services
  • Travel Bookings

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