BBPS (Bharat Bill payment system) is a one-stop alternative for all bills providing an interoperable and easy to get"Anytime any location" charge payment service to all customers across India with certainty, reliability, and safety of transactions. BBPS an innovative way to cover all utility bills at one stage: BBPS system allows multiple modes of payment and provides instant confirmation of payment through an SMS or receipt. BBPS system takes different classes of bills like power, telecom, DTH, gas, water bills, etc. via a single window. BBPS empowers every citizen to cover their bills under the same window.

Cyrus Recharge has the very first of its kind bill. Bringing a revolution in India's bill payment market, BBPS empowers every citizen to pay their bills below the exact same window.


We're the prominent developer of BBPS Software and additionally integrating API to get Bill payment biller of BBPS. BBPS is regulated by NPCI (National Payment Corporation of India) which comprises all sort of bill payment solutions such as water, electricity, insurance, Gas, landline, postpaid and other bill payment services. The client who is already running bill payment services may add electricity bill payment API, BBPS bill payment API, water bill payment, gas bill payment API, postpaid charge payment API, and insurance bill payment API under Bharat bill payment API services.

The interoperable platform makes it possible for the client of one bank to cover bills of a biller acquired by another lender. The platform also has an option which allows banks to expand the service to the clients via non-banking entities as well.

Presently, there are just 5 utilities that are allowed on this stage, namely - Electricity, Gas, Water, DTH and Telecom. RBL Bank's BBPS suite makes it possible for any aggregator from the market to join directly with the BBPS community of India. The product not only enables the group of bills through internet Payment Gateway established platforms but also through an extensive network of bodily merchants and agents.

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