Domesic Money Transfer

Domesic Money Transfer

We provide the money transfer service in India for our clients with or without. It's as straightforward and secure as the customer handing over the money to the beneficiary face. We transfer the cash to the beneficiary utilizing intra-bank (Home bank), inter-bank (NEFT/RTGS) and IMPS (instantaneous ) methods. Going with the regulations, we collect the minimum required data in the customer making certain the urgency and apprehensions of the customer don't go unaddressed during the procedures.

When you choose us for your answer, you don't have to think about the reliability of the software. We are the industry leaders and our solutions are all superior to the remainder. Why We assist you throughout the process of setting up the money-transfer software and that is.


Adapting with a bank transfer to legal changes

With ever-changing laws and regulations throughout the globe, you and your clients can trust the lender transfer tool that we provide which will upgrade the latest rules and legal enforcements mechanically based on the area and country. So, you can have your peace of mind and handle the business. We keep adding necessary features and required information on the software as and when needed that will help you handle your business with no trouble.

Features of Domestic Money Transfer

  • Wallet Facility- When the transaction failed from recipient end amount directly repay the manufacturer (Retailer, Distributor) Wallet.
  • Our customized money transfer applications support all type of company models to ensure DMR merchant, the distributor can always finish the need of your consumers.
  • Our powerful personalized currency transfer software solution Permits You to transfer cash to some IMPS, NEFT supported banks
  • Multi-Language service & A complete user-friendly, allows all kind of merchants, distributors with no difficulty.
  • Transaction Record Manager
  • Switching NEFT & mode IMPS
  • Establish commission for different distributor, merchant
  • Quick Insert Sender & Receiver via mobile or web application
  • IFSC finding tool
  • Create customer transaction report online
  • Create Unlimited Distributor
  • All trade charge based
  • Fully secure application for cash transfer
  • Export Transaction Detail Online
  • Distributor/Retailer Can execute Money transfer action fast.
  • Admin specify commission as flat amount or percent or a mix of both

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