Driving Licence Authentication API

Driving Licence Authentication API

Our driving license authentication API is of extreme use to the people. With our driving license API, you will be able to authenticate the onboarding users simply by uploading the 15-digit number present in the driving license. The API will take the driving license number of the user and it will verify the data with the data help by the government. On successful verification, it will provide you with the verification details along with various other details of the user including name, photo, date of birth, address and permitted vehicle. The API makes the verification process more secure and quicker. It will also allow you to onboard the users quickly and easily and eliminate chances of all kinds of fraudulent activities.

The API can be used to check whether a person legally qualifies for driving or not. It can also be used to verify whether the driving license can be used as a proof of identity or not. Using the API, you will be able to verify driving licenses from any state or union territory. Our API is also quite efficient and trusted and it is capable of producing the required results in all kinds of situations. It will also help you to save a lot of effort and money.


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