Metro Card API

Metro Card API

Our Metro Card API is a high performance, server-based professional options trading platform that lets users develop and buy, taking innovative off-the-shelf software and adding an increasing library of habit in-house Programs. In regards packed with conventional Metro Apps, such as options pricing, risk management, and implementation, and allows users to access.

All the Metro cities are utilizing metro rail for transport. Every metro cooperation stipulates the prepaid card to the subway charges and the prepaid card needs to recharge such as the phone. You can recharge the metro prepaid card together with the metro card recharge API, we give all metro cooperation prepaid card recharge API.

Our software enables our clients to get rid of unnecessary manual function, economically automate and repeat measures, reduce material waste, while increasing the quality of their end products. Metro API provides present, up-to-the-minute location information for buses and railroad lines. This information could be accessed through the API, which uses a RESTful protocol and returns answers in XML, JSON, and JSONP.


We supply instant 24x7 recharge Solution through Metro Recharge API.

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