Operator Fetch API

Operator Fetch API

You will be given the real-time results for telecom operator and group by the Telecom Operator Lookup API in India. This information is extremely helpful when you are validating and verifying mobile amounts. Mobile Number Lookup support allows you to send your SMS traffic via the optimal course. It provides access to all critical information on mobile number portability which can help you improve delivery success rates and ported-number routing efficacy.

The majority of the service providers relied on the old database comprising also circle as well as the default operator. But when TRAI has established mobile number portability, the scenario changed. The series started coming out into the market. Also, the consumers started altering the operator.


MNP is important since it saves you actual money. If you are routing Voice Calls or collecting customers' mobile numbers to send SMS messages, it is simple to assess which cellular operator they belong to so which you can send the traffic to the right operator, via the right path. This way, you're avoiding additional costs occurring in the event you send the traffic to the operator to whom mobile number no longer belongs to.

Are you wishing to offer a service to your clients? Use this API that enables you to discover circle and telecom provider. Our system is often upgraded and our database is amazingly large to encourage your business to find the suitable telecom supplier even for a ported number and supply accurate online recharge alternative for your clients.

Benefits of MNP Operator API:

  • Eliminates inefficiency
  • Improves earnings margins
  • Increases delivery success Prices
  • Powerful revenue leakage prevention
  • Mobile network information

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