PAN Verification API

PAN Verification API

Nowadays, identity evidence is vital to access services and goods. With this have also risen the cases of identity theft and data breaches that point towards the catastrophic consequences when criminals gain access to our identity info. Moreover, increased industry and government regulations, place the obligation on companies to carry out identity authentication and be sure their customers are not fraudsters or identity thieves.

PAN verification will help identity to prevent fraud.

PAN confirmation by Permanent Account Number. Verification of PAN via API is very important for entities and organizations that regulated to do so. If the entity has pertinent information, it can complete the verification procedure successfully. The Income Tax Department had permitted certain bodies to introduce an internet PAN confirmation API system which will enable certain organizations to verify PAN info. It's a service that facilitates the PAN Information by providing the title and its activation status as an output


A charge application-programming interface (API) is a selection of programming directions and criteria for obtaining an internet-based software program or Web tool. A software application company releases its API to the public to ensure that other software developers can design products that are powered with its services. A third-party API may be an API which was constructed outside the cost of your team, be it another inner team in your business that you happen to be interfacing or if it's another provider.

Features of our PAN Verification API

  • Check the account activation standing
  • Elimination of forged PAN Cards
  • Validate previous customers' PAN Card that have been on-boarded holding PAN as a manually confirmed document

Usage of PAN Verification API

PAN affirmation compliances following organizations and institutions can absorb those services to digitize their procedure end to end.

PAN Card API functions as an identity confirming the record. Organizations utilize our solutions to confirm the identity of their customers before providing their services.

There are 3 modes of confirmation of PAN:

Screen-based verification:

The consumers, after login, can provide up to a max of five PANs in the display provided. The response giving details of PAN is going to be displayed in the response display.

File-based affirmation:

The users, after log, can upload a file containing a max of 1000 PANs (file structure as specified by NSDL). The website will make available, in 24 hours, a reply file containing details of the PANs. In the event, file format is incorrect, the system will communicate the rejection within one day. The thing may download the response at his ease for up to 15 days.

Software (API) established PAN affirmation:

The centre is an interface which allows the user to produce an internet confirmation of PAN by accessing the verification-site by means of a software application.