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Cyrus is the Highest Provider of Mobile Recharge API solution Across India, having 300 + Users who are taking our Services, Cyrus is also the only vendor who provide Highest Margins on Online Mobile Recharge API system for Margin Slabs

API stands for "Application Programing Interface" which is a protocol (set of rules and regulations), Intended to be used as an interface by two and more software application to communicate with each other.

Cyrus is a pioneer vendor in Recharge industry who provide all the Operator Services Like:

Also Provides:

Our API runs over the Secured IP Mechanism with unique API Key, even we are working on encryption / Decryption method. We adopt all kind of security models.

"We will give you the way. The way you want". Avail to our services anytime, anywhere. True satisfaction is our commitment.

How A Recharge API Works?
With the Help of Recharge API, you can recharge with a simple click of a button. We will provide you certain web services and code which you can add to your website Portal / Software to get recharge done.
Cyrus will provide you the API Panel also, where you can check all the Transactions, Recharge History, Balance request system, Profile, Support Ticket, Dispute raise system and Recharge Earnings Etc.
Cyrus provides immediate, proven development resources. By forming long-term relationships with our clients, we maintain continuity with their development efforts. Our staffs become familiar with their particular development environments, needs, and methods. This enables Cyrus to respond rapidly, as our clients need change.

What Cyrus Offers:
Cyrus Offers Mobile Recharge API for his individual and business purpose having Good API Packages with us.
We also offer the Software for reselling the APIs, in this Cyrus will provide the Master Mobile Recharge API, and you can provide the API to any other user and able to manage all transactions, history etc.
If any mobile recharge company required any api development . With a master API, any company can start their own mobile recharge api business in India. Multiple API's can be integrated in system and API administrator can easily switch these api between operators.

Features of Mobile Recharge API:

Why Cyrus Recharge API?

List of APIs: (Make Separate Page for all of them)


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