Scan and Pay API

Scan and Pay API

Our scan and pay solution is a seamless way to make online transactions. Our QR code payment method will provide you with a simple and easy way by which you can make your payment. This will give the customers an extraordinary experience. Also, making digital transactions is way faster and easier than dealing with cash. You will also be able to go cashless whenever you want to. Our scan and pay solution is quite easy to use. Anyone can make use of it without any kind of hindrance. This also makes the checkout process a lot easier. It is also very convenient to make payments using the scan and pay method.

Our solutions easily integrate with various devices. You can use this method of payment for making all kinds of transactions. It also simplifies the reconciliation process. Your cashier will be able to view your transaction status from the POS terminal itself. The method of payment is valid all across the country. This will not only help you to speed up the entire payment process but will also give the customers an outstanding checkout experience. You can make use of our UPI scan and pay solutions whenever you want to with complete ease.


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