Pan Card API

Pan Card API

Includes the securities in electronic form as opposed to the previous method of recording paper Trades of Stocks, bonds, and other financial instruments.

The NSDL can be compared to a lender. A bank retains the investor's money, while the NSDL retains other classes of securities, stocks, bonds, and stocks. When investors purchase securities, they are credited to the account, and when these securities are offered, they are automatically debited in the account. If an organization wants to understand the investor's information for rights, awarding dividends or some other notification, it is going to ask the depository about the investor's details.

Pan Card is the most valuable support in the telecom industry. We developed the NSDL Pan Card Application Software to employ pan card deals. Here Admin Can make pan distributor & pan representative. Admin gets an admin control panel. After accessibility admin panel admin can control any users like finance transfer, password change, active/inactive & a whole lot more. Here admin can view pan application & process offline.

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