Use SMS API's to activate communications from within your own platform. Confirm user accounts with OTP SMS, Send fast transactional notifications, alerts, confirmations and keep your clients updated 24*7 on mobile with our scalable bulk SMS API.

Get the best SMS services from the very reputed SMS Api at India. The SMS API plays a major part in deciding the quality and dependability of SMS service used. An SMS gateway API is an intermediate link that connects the sender to the receiver by means of a telecom network.

The SMS Application Programming Interface (API) is the path to incorporate the SMS service on your platforms, such as applications, CRM, site, and more. It's a straightforward system to forward automated SMSs directly from the panel. If you're going to examine the e-commerce sites thoroughly, you will get to know that each e-commerce platform has an integrated SMS API.


Cyrus Recharge supplies an End-to-End SMS Solution to Enterprises in India. Moreover, our SMS Gateway software includes a 99.9% uptime, Load Balancers to manage high traffic volumes and Redundant Servers hosted at multiple data centers for business joys of their esteemed customers.

Volume SMS API is important in modern online businesses as the email is highly sought after communication channel used by various businesses which send urgent and important messages to their customers regularly. To be able to get a high volume of traffic, it is far better to develop a much better email shipping infrastructure that's known for good scalability for clients.

For better growth of the company, you might incorporate the robust and scalable email solution offered by Cyrus Recharge for your own program and meet your clients. Cyrus Recharge is a one-stop-destination where it is possible to meet your customers with genuine one time passwords (OTP) for user verification processes, crucial updates or authentication request for your customers. We provide the advanced model of web/ API Bulk email service provider for ventures in India.

We offer feature-rich Bulk Sms API for integrations to websites, software, eCommerce sites. SMS API is useful for automating Otp, transaction confirmation, etc.. Easily incorporate our secure SMS API's in a minute, sign up now and receive free credits for the trail.

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