Aadhaar XML API

Aadhaar XML API

We create excellent Aadhaar XML API solutions for our customers. We directly get the Aadhaar XML API from the Unique Identification Authority of India. Our authentication services on Aadhaar card makes it extremely easy for various organizations to conduct their regular business in a seamless way. As we all know, Aadhaar is an extremely important government-issued ID and verification of Aadhaar is a crucial step to maintain authenticity. However, carrying out the entire verification processes manually requires a huge amount of time. That is exactly why we bring before you our Aadhaar XML API by means of which Aadhaar verification can be done within seconds.

Our API is extremely simple and easy to use. It comes with a user-friendly interface. The API is also quite interactive and it is capable of providing you with 100% accurate results. What you need to do is that you will just have to provide the API with your Aadhaar number and the API will proceed with the verification process in the backend. The results will be generated almost immediately and will be provided to you through the interface. The API is also completely reliable. It is something that you can blindly trust for the Aadhaar XML verification process.


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