Recharge BBPS DMT Travel Solutions MLM Solution

Recharge BBPS DMT Travel Solutions MLM Solution

Online Booking tickets & hotel will become a much quicker, slicker process, due to a user-friendly interface and instant confirmation. No longer will you need to enter data manually on multiple occasions, as our API will hold all the details and information you need in one place. The ability to book instantly, with real time pricing and availability on display will save a great deal of time and reduce operational costs. Integrated travel portal API will give you access to the Travel Engine With powerful pull and push data feeds, Travel Engine & Booking API captures and delivers information from worldwide travel & hotel booking agents to provide richer business intelligence

The competitive nature of the travel industry means it's more important than ever to differentiate yourself from the crowd. Once the travel portal API and Flight API, Hotel API, Bus API, travel api integration, flight api integration, and money transfer api integrated with your portal, you will immediately start to discover the great advantages it offers for your business.

Online facility to generate bill payments will be provided. Service centers will be available in bank branches, the ATMs, and agents' place. Multiple modes for making payments such as debit or charge cards, e-wallets, money, net banking, etc.will be accessible.

Bharat Bill Payment Method (BBPS) is an RBI mandated, a centralized and interoperable invoice payment system which enables a client to pay bills online as well as offline across geographies with certainty, reliability, and safety of the trade. BBPS is a frequent platform to cover various utility bills like electricity, water, gas, phone and direct-to-home (DTH) television service, etc. ) from a single website or socket utilizing multiple payment modes such as internet banking, credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets, and even by cash in case of offline mode, and get instant confirmation.

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