Affiliate Shopping API

Affiliate Shopping API

Start recruiting and managing your affiliates and increase your earnings using affiliate marketing. Affiliate Shopping API helps to increase your business and get new clients.

Our vision is to take eCommerce to each corner of the nation. A number of spouses with similar eyesight have partnered to create an online shopping experience for rural India. We at Cyrus Recharge, empower these partners to present the best eCommerce expertise to their end consumers through our API platform.


Affiliates decide inside their affiliate programs which banners or advertisements they're likely to place on their websites. This decision is dependent on their individual calculations of which company ads their website visitors are likely to be curious about. They will also agree to affiliate programs based on which merchants have the best commission structure, although the structure is not usually considered very high-paying or profitable.

The most usual forms of affiliate programs are pay-per-lead and pay-per-sale. Affiliate programs are considered the least expensive online advertising tool for driving visitors to a website. Unlike pay-per-view or pay-per-click, affiliate programs pay based on performance.

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