Insurance Premium API

Insurance Premium API

Insurance is a contract of security between the insurance company and the insured, in which the insured can be an individual or entity. Insured person or entity minimizes their risks by some small amount, which can be affordable and cover higher risks. Insurer designs various policies as per the needs of large and tiny people and entity. A fixed amount in accordance with the value of this coverage is provided to the insurer.

Cyrus Recharge provides Insurance API of India's trusted companies LIC, Tata AIG, and ICICI Pru Life. These are India's top insurer and IRDA accredited. As an insurance Agency or Agent, you may use our API for your portal and get more amenities and higher margins.

We are always seeking to give new solutions to our agent partners. We realize that the integration of digital insurance products on a website is just the beginning of a really important journey for our spouses. We need our partners to grow since only then can we grow. Therefore, we share with you some new services that we shall be supplied to our digital insurance partners. Have you ever wondered why after being Online, the conversion rate is really low? You're barely able to sell Policy online.

Our API allows our customer to display localized insurance costs based on several different sets of parameters. It also brings the flexibility to handle reductions, add on options, one-time, and recurring billing.


Policy and Purchase Fulfillment

When a customer buys one or several insurance products, this service may be called after payment is authorized, providing the quotation identification number previously returned, validation info and customer information.

Post Sales Edit/Cancellation

If a customer decides for some reason to cancel or edit its own cover, this can be done calling this service and supplying the buy identifier that was returned previously during the initial purchase.